Sunday, February 9, 2014

Comic Strip Structure

I took a break from writing comic book stories to tackle comic strips again. Since I'm anal about how things are done and love reading instructions I made myself some.

This isn't really a guaranteed way to make a comic strip, get syndicated, and swim in money-- but it is a way to get the ball rolling, write a ton of strips, and see what works and what doesn't. Unless you want to sit and stare at the wall trying to come up with a joke ( I done that, it leads me to get nothing done )

In the end it all comes down to picking a Topical Punchline, then setting up the 1st panel and seeing where it goes from there. Also wrote down ideas for characters and settings by observing ones that are used today. Only makes sense that if you want to make comic books or comic strips one should read comic books and comic strips.

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